Thursday, June 22, 2017

Biosphere 2 Day 5

Today when our group went to the University of Arizona, I learned a lot about myself and how I am happiest when I spend time with people who are passionate about the same things as I am. We visited multiple labs and facilities on the campus where I finally got a real look into what my life may look like in the near future. When I came to the campus at the beginning of the day, I had very low expectations however I was surprised at the facilities had such as the tree ring exhibit, which was the first of it’s kind. Seeing this campus made me think about how I will go to college in a few years and this was a fun first experience to have at this campus.
The whole day in Tucson was very refreshing to me, even though it was 108 degrees outside. It was fun for me to experience the University of Arizona campus because I had only ever spent time with my peers inside and around the biosphere. My favorite part of the day was in the large planetarium when the presenter told us about the stars and talked about zodiac signs. I had a great time trying to interpret different constellations as well as learn more about the layout of our stars.
I had an excellent time today and I learned so much about myself while also learning about our planet. I found that I love to learn things that I wouldn’t typically learn in a regular environment. I also learned that I value friendships very highly and I love the fact that I have become friends with many of the people on this trip with whom I normally wouldn’t cross paths.

Working on our Arizona State Museum assignment
Submitted by Jamie Snell      June 22, 2017

Today at the University of Arizona we visited a couple of labs but what I found most interesting was meeting a man named Tyler. He is a scientist at the University of Arizona who also worked at Biosphere 2 and is studying photosynthesis in trees. He told us how he created a machine that would help him with his research. He connected it to a machine I am familiar with, the IRGA. He explained to us that the machine uses the same red and blue lights from police sirens because the light they give out is similar to the light plants absorb from the sun.  What I found the most interesting was that Tyler wasn't an engineer. He learned to create and operate the machine by himself without having a degree in engineering. The machine is now getting interest from others in the science community who are trying to do plant research. This means Tyler is going to be able to sell the machine and earn money from it. I could tell Tyler enjoyed what he did and that really inspired me to continue trying to find something I love too. I think it is really cool that even people with a Ph.D are still able to continue learning and I hope to be able to do the same in the future.  

Talking with Tyler about his research at U of A
Submitted by Alonzo Mendoza
June 22, 2017

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