Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Biosphere 2 Day 4

"Gummy Gloves"- finding our commonality
Where do I start ? Today was one of the best days of the week for me. I bonded with all of the people here and got to know them on a personal level which was great because it showed me how alike we are and how everyone goes through so many different things you would never expect. Not only that but I feel like today was just a day full of laughter and joy starting off with my Rain Forest group. While we were finishing our tree measurements one of the guys tripped on a tree branch and got tied up in the vines while he eating a mango. Instead of helping him we all started recording him laughing with our phones. Another thing I liked about today was during dinner we were telling stories that happened throughout the day and I could not stop laughing with everyone. Everyone was laughing so hard our stomachs started to hurt. After dinner we did some trust activities with everyone; I feel that helped everyone get even closer even though we have been together for a few days.  Overall today was just a day with good vibes, learning and growing with each other. I really started appreciating each and every person even more than I did in the beginning of this program.

Submitted by
Rosalia Gallardo    June 21, 2017

After a long day of hard work measuring tree diameters, looking at carbon emission levels, and plugging data into excel, it was honestly the most fun out of all days. We enjoyed the heat of the rainforest biome playing hide and seek. When one of our partners got caught in a vine, it made us all laugh.  We also ate lunch at a local caterer called Nona Maria's. We made our own pizza and then ate it. We are done with our measurements for our rainforest project and we are doing pretty well.

 Submitted by Jabril Adan
June 21, 2017
A pizza party at Nonna Maria's with chef and owner Frank

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