Thursday, June 22, 2017

Biosphere 2 The Science

Students arrive at B2 are put into research groups. This year there are two groups, one in the Rain Forest Biome of B2 and the other working with the Agrivoltaics site directly outside B2.

The first three days of the program are spent developing their plan, implementing their experiment, collecting data and analyzing their findings.

These pictures show the students in action during their first three days of scientific study.

The Rain Forest group determined the CO2 output from the trees in the Rain Forest and the Savannah of B2 calculating the diameter and measuring the CO2 output of multiple trees and scaling their data to include the entire biome.

Jamie attaches the mechanism for measuring the CO2 being released from the bark of a tree
Jabril hooks up the GasMet DX4105 to measure the CO2 collected at the tree
Yosgart explains how the GasMet DX4105 works to the other research team
Jacob is getting ready to measure the circumference of the tree
Dr. Joost van Haren- PI of the Rain Forest
Annie and Jacob are amazed at the height of the trees in the Rain Forest

Van is connecting the Licor to a plant leaf

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